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Underground Storage Tank Services

Experts in Assessment & Remediation for Regulatory Compliance

Blue Ridge Environmental Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 as a petroleum underground storage tank (UST) assessment and remediation firm in the Carolinas. For more than 26 years we have helped our clients comply with the regulatory requirements of the NCDENR and SCDHEC for UST removal and releases ranging from large commercial regulated tanks to small non-regulated home heating oil tanks.

In South Carolina, we have a thorough working knowledge of the SUPERB Account UST Trust Fund and solid working relationships with the SCDHEC project managers. In North Carolina, our UST Trust Fund experience is unparalleled. We can provide a turn-key package by completing the Trust Fund eligibility application, performing the required services on-time, and submitting the Trust Fund Reimbursement package. The key to management of regulatory concerns at UST projects is responding promptly to work directives of the state.

At Blue Ridge, we have our own drilling rig, numerous pieces of specialized equipment, and technical/ professional staff with more than 85 years of combined UST experience. We are staffed and equipped to respond quickly while working within the trust fund rates. We serve clients ranging from private single station owners to oil distribution companies with multiple sites, so no project is too large or small. For your next UST regulatory compliance needs, please allow Blue Ridge the opportunity to serve you better.

UST Services

  • Initial Groundwater Assessment (IGWA)
  • Tier I & Tier II Assessments
  • UST Site Checks
  • UST Closures
  • Limited Site Assessments
  • Comprehensive Site Assessments
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Operation and Maintenance of Remediation Systems
  • Aggressive Fluid Vapor Recovery (AFVR)
  • Residential Heating Oil Tank Assessment & Closure
  • Monitoring Well Installationand Sampling
  • NCDENR UST Trust Fund Services
  • SCDHEC SUPERB Trust Fund Services
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
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